Binaries Vape: Delivering an Unmatched Disposable Vaping Experience

Binaries Vape has established itself as the most popular vape brand worldwide. The brand’s collection of well-crafted disposable vapes offers an extensive range of rich flavors, providing a puff count that ranges from 6000 to 12000 puffs. With an extra e-juice capacity of 12ml to 20ml, Binaries Vape is an ideal choice for wholesale buyers.

Innovative Cores

The Binaries Vape team is fully committed to researching vape technology, resulting in the invention of several new core structures, including the binary core. The dual 1.0 ohm coils in the binary core deliver exceptional flavor output throughout the vaping session while simultaneously increasing the nicotine conversion rate. This ensures an enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience.

Massive Flavors

Binaries Vape offers a wide variety of flavors, ranging from the sweet and refreshing taste of fruits to the roasted and rich flavors of desserts. With an extensive selection of flavors, vapers can find their preferred taste profile, elevating their vaping experience.

Nicotine Alternatives

Binaries Vape provides unique nicotine formulas tailored to a broad range of vapers, satisfying every group with options of 2%, 3%, and 5% nicotine content. This customization allows vapers to choose their desired nicotine level, catering to their individual preferences.


Binaries Vape has established itself as a global leader in the vaping industry, offering innovative core technology, a wide range of flavors, and customizable nicotine alternatives. With a commitment to delivering exceptional products, Binaries Vape continues to redefine the disposable vape market, ensuring vapers enjoy every puff. Choose Binaries Vape and elevate your vaping experience to new heights

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