How do you remove scratches from sunglasses?

It is not an easy task to protect your eyes. Eyes are an integral part of the human body. It is important to protect them from the sun, UV rays, and other risks that can be associated with sunlight exposure. Sunglasses are a favorite accessory of both men and women.

We carry sunglasses everywhere because they are our favorite accessory, especially on sunny days. You will notice the difference if your sunglasses are not properly maintained and you do not have a case to protect them.

How to remove scratches from sunglasses

You may get scratches on your sunglasses frames or lenses, so it is important to protect them from scratches.

1. Glass Cleaning Spray

Eyeglass cleaning sprays are used to clean TV screens, computers and laptops. These cleaners are gentle and leave no streaks. These cleaners are also effective in removing scratches from eyeglass lenses. They can also be used to clean tinted readers. You can clean small scratches from your glasses with a spray cleaner. Spray once or twice on the lenses of your sunglasses and wipe off with a cloth.

2. Brass Polish Method

You can also use brass polish to clean the glasses. This method is a great option if you are having trouble getting rid of hard scratches. Flat scratches can be removed. This can also be used to reduce the amount debris on your sunglasses. You should ensure that the polish you use to clean your sunglasses with brass polish does not contain acetone before using this method. The lens of your frame can be seriously damaged by polishing brass with Acetone.

3. Vinegar Method

Vinegar can be used for many purposes. Vinegar can also be used to clean scratches from your glasses. For sunglasses scratches, you can use baking soda and water to mix. This is similar to water and baking soda. For better results with plastic sunglasses, you can replace water with vinegar. The glasses will look shiny and more transparent if you use vinegar.

4. Car Wax method

Car wax can be used to remove scratches from glasses. Car wax, in addition to brass polish can be used to remove scratches. Use a little bit of car wax to clean the glass. Use a microfiber cloth, or water to rub the glass. You may have to wash the glass if it is not removed by scraping. This is a great way to remove scratches from your glasses.

5. Scratch Removing Kit

These scratch removal kits can be used to easily remove scratches from your sunglasses. An optical doctor or optician can help you find the best scratch removal kit. You can also get the best advice on how to purchase the right kit for your glasses. You might have to buy a new pair if your sunglasses lenses have had scratches for a while and have deeper marks.


Q1 – Can you fix scratches on sunglasses?

ANSWER: Yes, sunglasses can be easily repaired with a removal kit.

Q2 How do I remove scratches from sunglasses?

ANS: Always protect your sunglasses against dirt, scratches, and increase chances of protecting them from damage. You can remove scratches from your sunglasses using the many methods mentioned in this article.

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