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Light Up Your Surroundings with Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible

Are you in search for a versatile and visually striking lighting solution that can transform any space with vibrant colors? Look no further than Ledia Lighting‘s Flexible LED Neon Tube, the perfect choice for distributors and agents seeking cutting-edge lighting options. Let’s dive into the outstanding features and benefits of this remarkable product!

Slim Design, Mesmerizing Illumination

Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible introduces a slim and soft light body with a solid extrusion of silicone. Say goodbye to dark dots disrupting the lighting effect, as this neon flex ensures a continuous and uniform glow throughout its length. The unique structural design allows for wide 3-sided lighting, covering more area and creating stunning visual impact.

Cut and Connect with Ease

Flexibility and customization are key strengths of Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible. Thanks to its pure silicone extrusion and automated production, this lighting solution is incredibly flexible and bendable, making it effortlessly adapt to various shapes and contours. Distributors and agents can unleash their creativity as the LED Neon Tube Flexible can be easily cut and joined according to specific project requirements.

Technical Specifications and Practicality

Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible is powered by DC24V and offers efficient performance with options of 12W or 10W per meter. With an impressive LED density of 144 LEDs per meter and a low power consumption of 47Lm/W at 4000K, this lighting solution combines aesthetics with energy efficiency. The flexibility of cutting every 0.69cm (1unit) allows for precise customization, while the lightweight design of 160g/m ensures easy installation.

Versatile Applications

The possibilities are endless with Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible. Its adaptability lends itself well to numerous applications, including outdoor or indoor border lighting, architectural outline illumination, cove and facade lighting, signage, or guide lighting. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the creative potential of this remarkable lighting solution.


Embrace the modern era of lighting design with Ledia Lighting’s IP68 LED lights-LED Neon Tube Flexible. With its slim profile, incredible flexibility, and remarkable lighting effects, it’s the perfect choice for distributors and agents seeking to offer their you  a one-of-a-kind lighting experience. Illuminate your surroundings in vibrant hues and captivating brilliance with Ledia Lighting’s LED Neon Tube Flexible.

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