There are many reasons why custom food basket liners are important

Fast casual dining is a fast-growing trend in the restaurant industry. Fast food is affordable and most importantly, they are fun. Cones and meal baskets are the most common presentation type for fast food restaurants and food trucks. Baskets and trays can be used to deliver hot Reubens or burgers with fries. They are a better choice than the ceramic ware that is used in formal dining, or the more informal paper plates at home. Meal baskets and appetizer cones come in many sizes and materials. However, they are not designed to hold food. They need a good liner.

Liner are a great way to present fast-casual food. They also make it easy to save money.

Here are some reasons custom food hamper liners are so important

Highlights your company’s color scheme.

Simple white liners are great for adding style and contrast to sandwiches on dark bread. However, they can make your restaurant look and feel much more professional if the basket liners match your restaurant’s branding. You can choose a basket liner with a solid color to draw attention to an accent color or a lining with a red-and-white checkered pattern to complement your tablecloths. You might be able to make the basket complete if all of your baskets have the same color.

Your restaurant logo and other branding messages

Consumers will be reading this paper while eating, so why not take advantage of that opportunity to promote your brand with a printed logo or tagline message? You can also add text to express your brand’s personality or mission.

Enhances the Benefits of Takeout Bags

Clients love fast casual dining because they can eat it anytime, anywhere. Many of your customers will purchase a basket in the hopes of eating in, but they want to be gone before it’s over. After wrapping up the basket, you can carry out any items that are still inside. Let’s say your basket liner is personalized with a message, offer or branding choice. It can be used as a mobile advertisement, attracting clients wherever it goes. A logo can be added for a mere few cents, since custom-printed Kraft paper or butcher paper are just as functional as regular basket liners.

Food basket liners are crucial. The paper liner is essential because food can come in contact with customers, servers, or other food contact surfaces. Food-safe paper liners create a barrier between food and basket, which allows for hygienic serving. Food can also get stuck in small crevices around the basket grid intersections, no matter how clean the baskets are. Fresh food is kept clear of any places that a cleaner might have missed.

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