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Advanced Technology for Precise Sealing and Packaging

Vippai presents the innovative VPD300E Eye Patch Making Machine, featuring cutting-edge technology for seamless sealing and packaging. Equipped with a Yaskawa servo motor from Japan, this machine offers precise control over the text writing process through a user-friendly touch screen. With a reciprocating heat sealing mechanism, automatic deviation correction, and versatile packaging capabilities, the VPD300E ensures efficient, reliable, and high-quality production of eye patches.

Yaskawa Servo Motor for Enhanced Control

The VPD300E Eye Patch Making Machine by Vippai incorporates a Yaskawa servo motor from Japan, renowned for its precision and reliability. This advanced motor allows for simple, safe, and accurate control of the text writing process through the intuitive touch screen interface. Operators can easily adjust parameters and ensure optimal performance, guaranteeing consistent and high-quality eye patch production.

Reciprocating Heat Sealing Mechanism for Strong and Beautiful Seals

With its reciprocating heat sealing mechanism, the VPD300E ensures sufficient time for large-area sealing, resulting in strong, smooth, firm, and aesthetically pleasing seals. This technology enhances the overall appearance and integrity of the eye patches, providing a professional and attractive final product. The machine accommodates various sealing materials, making it suitable for a wide range of packaging applications.

Automatic Deviation Correction and Versatile Mold Switching

The VPD300E Eye Patch Making Machine is equipped with advanced features that enhance efficiency and productivity. The machine automatically detects and alarms for film shortage, preventing any interruptions in the production process. It also incorporates two cursor point tracking for automatic deviation correction, ensuring precise and consistent alignment. Additionally, the machine facilitates convenient and fast mold switching, allowing for the production of eye patches with various specifications. This versatility and compatibility make Vippai’s machine an ideal choice for manufacturers with diverse packaging requirements.


Vippai‘s VPD300E Eye Patch Making Machine combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to provide precise sealing and packaging solutions. With its Yaskawa servo motor, operators can easily control the text writing process through the touch screen interface. The reciprocating heat sealing mechanism ensures strong and beautiful seals for eye patches, while automatic deviation correction and mold switching capabilities enhance efficiency and versatility. Choose Vippai’s VPD300E Eye Patch Making Machine to streamline your production process, ensuring reliable and high-quality packaging results.

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