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Explore the Future of Cleanliness with Horow’s Intelligent Toilet

In the realm of home innovation, the intelligent toilet stands as a beacon of progress. Horow‘s latest model, the T10, exemplifies this advancement, offering a blend of convenience, efficiency, and modern design that caters to contemporary lifestyles. As people increasingly seek smarter solutions for everyday living, the intelligent toilet emerges as a pivotal addition to any modern bathroom.

Features of the Horow T10 Intelligent Toilet

The Horow T10 is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Its streamlined style ensures it seamlessly integrates into a variety of bathroom decors. Installation is a breeze, making it accessible to a wide audience without the need for professional assistance.

One of the standout features of the T10 is its versatile flushing system. Users can choose from four distinct methods: automatic flushing, power-off flushing, foot-sensing flushing, and manual controlled flushing. This variety allows the intelligent toilet to adapt to different needs and situations, ensuring optimal performance under any circumstances. The foot-sensing flushing, in particular, adds a touch of hands-free convenience, perfect for maintaining hygiene.

The Self-Cleaning Marvel

Hygiene is paramount in any bathroom setting, and the Horow T10 excels in this area. The self-cleaning feature ensures that the toilet remains spotless after each use, reducing the need for frequent manual cleaning and maintenance. This innovation not only saves time but also ensures a consistently clean and sanitary environment.

Effortless Maintenance and Enhanced Comfort

Beyond its advanced functionality, the Horow T10 is designed for ease of maintenance. Its user-friendly interface and durable construction mean that it will serve faithfully with minimal upkeep. Additionally, the comfortable design ensures a pleasant experience, making it a favorite among family members and guests alike.


Horow’s T10 represents a significant step forward in bathroom technology. Its combination of sleek design, ease of installation, versatile flushing options, and self-cleaning capabilities make it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their bathroom experience. Investing in the Horow T10 intelligent toilet means embracing the future of hygiene and convenience.

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