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How is Bernard M. Martinage making a breakthrough in the Hospitality, Culinary, And Security Industry Industry?

Bernard M. Martinage, a naturalized US Citizen, is determined to reach his goals, despite all obstacles. He is the founder of Federation of Dining Room Professionals(r) and has tirelessly worked to improve the foodservice industry. His Service Certification Program helped to raise standards in restaurant service across America.

Martinage is a member of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Service Center advisory board and was the Lecturing instructor for the Culinary Institute of America’s flagship Restaurant Escoffier. He is also the founder of Safe & Secure Group, Target Nation(r), and the owner thereof.

Personal Life

He is a strong person who loves his family, despite facing many difficulties in his personal life. Martinage is an inspiration to everyone who knows him. Martinage is an example of a man who shows that age is not an excuse and family problems are not a reason to stop achieving great things in life.

Isabelle Kerrouche was his first wife. Laurence Hess was Jewish-Christian. Martinage was then married to a Yugoslavian Orthodox woman, which he almost married, before he met Cindy, his 26-year-old wife. Cindy was born in Texas and is a Protestant. Martinage is a true libertarian who does not compromise on core rights like free speech, the right of bear arms and the freedom to assemble. He is the father of Thomas and Julie as well as three grandchildren.


Martinage was a graduate of a French culinary school, and he worked in Paris’ Latin Quarter after completing a three year degree. Later, Martinage would work in several restaurants in the Champs Elysees area. Martinage quickly earned a reputation early in his career for his hospitality skills and was soon hired by Master Roger Bouce. Bouce was a well-known rotisserie chef and Martinage studied under him the finer points and more complex techniques of dining room service. He was able to secure a job with Maitre Cuisiner France Becquet thanks to his knowledge under Bouce.

Martinage honed his skills while working with Becquet. Martinage quickly rose up the ranks in French Hospitality, and has shown himself to be extremely talented. Martinage is now a leading figure in Hospitality thanks to his dedication and hard work.

Martinage was an accomplished professional, and his 1985 divorce was a setback. However, it was also a motivator for Martinage to leave the hospitality industry and learn more about firearms and armed conflict. Martinage moved to the United States in early 1990s. He was then appointed in 1994 as an Arizona Registered Bodyguard.

A Massive Leap

Martinage has been a successful entrepreneur for many years because of his combination of skills in physical security and culinary arts. These skills were used to train and develop professionals in both fields for over 25 years. He taught for a few years at the Culinary Institute of America. He was also responsible for August Escoffier, the Institute’s flagship restaurant. August Escoffier was the first restaurant with student staff to be awarded a five-star rating in the United States thanks to Martinage’s Achievements.

It is the only student-staffed restaurant that has been entered into Fine Dining as of 2022.

Martinage’s success has had an enduring impact on the hospitality industry.

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