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NIC Dental’s Advanced Rotary Endodontic Instruments for Optimal Dental Care

NIC Dental is a renowned brand in the field of dental endodontics, offering a wide range of high-quality rotary endodontic instruments. Among their impressive lineup, the U+ FILE stands out as an exceptional tool that combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering. This article explores the key features and benefits of the U+ FILE, emphasizing its 4.0 Variable taper and 5.0 Continuous clockwise rotation Crown-Down Sequence.

Enhanced Efficiency with 4.0 Variable taper

The U+ FILE by NIC Dental features a 4.0 Variable taper design, ensuring optimal file function during endodontic procedures. This innovative taper enables dentists to achieve superior shaping and cleaning of root canals, resulting in enhanced treatment outcomes. The variable taper facilitates efficient debris removal and minimizes the risk of file separation, allowing for smoother and safer procedures.

Accurate and Controlled Crown-Down Sequence

NIC Dental’s U+ FILE employs a 5.0 Continuous clockwise rotation Crown-Down Sequence, which plays a pivotal role in successful endodontic treatments. This sequence involves creating a straight-line access to the canal orifice (SX), followed by shaping the coronal 2/3, confirming the working length, and finally smoothing the root canal (S1, S2). The Crown-Down Sequence ensures a systematic approach that optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedure while maintaining precise control over each step.

Unparalleled Versatility and Safety

The U+ FILE offers dentists unparalleled versatility, making it suitable for various endodontic cases. From simple single-rooted teeth to complex multi-rooted molars, this rotary endodontic instrument adapts effortlessly to different canal morphologies. Additionally, the U+ FILE’s design incorporates advanced safety features, including enhanced resistance to cyclic fatigue and improved fracture resistance. Dentists can rely on the U+ FILE to deliver consistent, reliable performance throughout the treatment process.


NIC Dental’s U+ FILE is a game-changer in the field of rotary endodontic instruments. With its 4.0 Variable taper and 5.0 Continuous clockwise rotation Crown-Down Sequence, the U+ FILE offers dentists enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and safety during endodontic procedures. Whether shaping the coronal 2/3, confirming the working length, or smoothing the root canal, the U+ FILE is a reliable choice for optimal dental care.

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