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Revolutionizing Precision Machining with Conprofe Ultrasonic’s Ultrasonic Machining Technology

Conprofe Ultrasonic stands at the forefront of the machining industry, combining ultrasonic technology and green technology to overcome the challenges associated with hard and brittle materials, hard-to-cut metals, and composites. Their Ultrasonic Machining Technology has revolutionized precision machining, offering improved efficiency, extended tool life, and exceptional surface quality. In this blog article, we will explore the working principle, advantages, and technical performance of Conprofe Ultrasonic’s Ultrasonic Machining Technology, highlighting its transformative impact on the manufacturing landscape.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic Machining Technology utilizes mechanical vibrations in the ultrasonic frequency range (18~70 kHz) to remove material from the surface of a workpiece. These high-frequency vibrations, generated by converting ultrasonic electrical oscillations, are transferred to a rotating cutting tool. The periodic separation of the cutting tool from the workpiece enables smoother chip evacuation, efficient cooling, and consistent surface finish. This dynamic process enhances machining efficiency, extends tool life, and improves surface quality.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Machining

  1. Reduction of Cutting Force and Temperature: The high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations effectively reduce the main cutting force and cutting temperature. This reduction minimizes subsurface damage and machining stress in hard and brittle materials, ensuring improved structural integrity.
  2. Surface Roughness Reduction: Ultrasonic Machining Technology results in reduced surface roughness, enhancing the overall quality of machined surfaces. The controlled vibrations contribute to a smoother finish and eliminate irregularities.
  3. Tool Life Extension: By leveraging ultrasonic vibrations, the technology enhances tool life. The reduced cutting forces and temperature mitigate tool wear, enabling longer-lasting tools and reducing tool replacement costs.
  4. Improved Surface Integrity: Ultrasonic Machining Technology preserves the workpiece’s surface integrity by minimizing heat-affected zones and potential damage. This is particularly beneficial for delicate and sensitive materials.


Conprofe Ultrasonic’s Ultrasonic Machining Technology has transformed precision machining, offering manufacturers unparalleled advantages in efficiency, tool life, and surface quality. By harnessing high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, the technology enables precise material removal while minimizing damage and maximizing productivity. With its exceptional technical performance and ability to tackle the challenges posed by hard and brittle materials, Ultrasonic Machining Technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape.

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