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Autophix: Driving Innovation as a Leading OBD Manufacturer

In today’s fast-paced automotive industry, reliable and accurate diagnostic tools are essential for car owners and DIY enthusiasts. Autophix, a professional automotive diagnostic tool manufacturer, has emerged as a trusted brand, setting itself apart from the competition as a leader in this field. With a decade of expertise and a commitment to innovation, Autophix has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products for wholesale and agents.

Unveiling Autophix’s Success Story

OBD manufacturer Autophix, founded in 2010, has rapidly gained recognition for its comprehensive range of automotive diagnostic tools. With headquarters in Shenzhen and a branch in Changsha (founded in 2022), Autophix boasts a team of over 40 research and development engineers. This dedicated team drives the company’s ongoing innovation by focusing on the development of diverse software, robust hardware design, and attractive packaging.

Product Offerings

Autophix supplies a diverse range of automotive diagnostic tools, such as car owners and DIY users. The company’s product lineup includes the Universal OBDII Code Reader, Professional Scanner, Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool, Battery Tester, and Jump Starter. These cutting-edge tools empower their agents to offer accurately diagnostic solutions for customers’ vehicles, saving time and money.


Autophix’s experience from its inception in 2010 to becoming a prominent OBD manufacturer exemplifies their commitment to excellence, innovation, and agent satisfaction. With a dedicated team of engineers, a comprehensive product range, and a global sales and distribution network, Autophix has solidified its position as a top-tier supplier of automotive diagnostic tools. By continuously improving their products and prioritizing quality control, Autophix inspires trust and ensure to help others take control of their vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

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