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Dimensions of Power: Unikey Capacitors Redefined

With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Unikey is reshaping the industry with their cutting-edge technology. Explore the X387S series and other Unikey capacitors, showcasing their dedication to quality and reliability. With a capacitance value of 50μF and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, Unikey capacitors redefine expectations and deliver unparalleled performance. Experience the dimensions of power redefined by Unikey capacitors and unlock their potential in transforming the world of capacitance.

Unikey – The Brand Behind Capacitance Innovation

Learn about Unikey’s history as an industry pioneer in innovative capacitor technology. Unikey, a name that has come to represent quality, is changing the face of capacitance innovation. Get the lowdown on the company’s passion to innovation and how it permeates all of its capacitors. The X387S series and other Unikey capacitors are proof of the company’s dedication to quality.

X387S-50-10-330: Unveiling the Capacitance Marvel

Experience the power within the dimensions of the X387S capacitor series. At 73.9mm, this marvel of capacitance engineering is designed to redefine your expectations. Explore the unparalleled capabilities of Unikey capacitors, with the X387S boasting a remarkable 50μF capacitance value. Delve into the mastery of operating temperatures, as these capacitors thrive in extreme conditions ranging from -40℃ to 70℃, providing reliability when you need it most.


Embrace the transformative prowess of Unikey capacitors. These technological marvels, crafted through unwavering innovation and dedication, redefine the very essence of power in the capacitance domain. Experience a new era where Unikey’s commitment to excellence propels advancements and sets unparalleled standards in the dynamic landscape of electrical engineering.

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