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GeneMind’s MrLH-96: Revolutionizing Laboratories with Automated Workstations

GeneMind introduces the MrLH-96 automated workstation, a groundbreaking solution designed to streamline high-throughput acid extraction, NGS library preparation, and laboratory liquid processing. This article delves into the innovative features of the MrLH-96, showcasing its automation prowess and seamless integration into laboratory workflows.

Efficiency Redefined: MrLH-96’s High Automation Capability

MrLH-96 redefines laboratory automation by offering a highly efficient and automated process for DNA sequencing. With 24 plate positions featuring a plate stack function, this workstation guarantees full automation without requiring manpower on-site. Its specially designed consumable stacking system ensures a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need to manually add reagents and consumables during the DNA sequencing process. This level of automation not only enhances efficiency but also reduces human error, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Seamless Integration: MrLH-96’s Connectivity and Compatibility

The MrLH-96 workstation seamlessly integrates into laboratory information management systems (LIMS), enhancing connectivity and data management. With automated code scanning and pre-set data in the software database, the workstation efficiently transfers information directly into the LIMS system. Moreover, its compatibility with the Inheco temperature control module, offering precise temperature control within the NGS hybridization capture process range of 4~70°C, ensures optimal conditions for accurate sequencing results. The Inheco PCR instrument and temperature-controlled oscillation module further enhance the precision and efficiency of the sequencing process.


GeneMind’s MrLH-96 automated workstation stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation in laboratory automation. By revolutionizing high-throughput acid extraction, NGS library preparation, and laboratory liquid processing, this automated solution simplifies workflows and minimizes the need for manual intervention. As laboratories seek to enhance productivity and accuracy, the MrLH-96 workstation emerges as an invaluable tool, offering a seamless integration into existing laboratory systems and paving the way for precision and efficiency in DNA sequencing processes.

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