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Locksmith Tools of the Trade: A Comprehensive Guide

Locksmiths are highly skilled professionals who possess a specialized set of tools to tackle various lock-related challenges. These tools enable them to efficiently unlock doors, repair locks, and ensure the security of residential, commercial, and automotive properties. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential locksmith tools of the trade and shed light on their functionalities.

Key Extractors

Key extractors are vital tools used by locksmiths to remove broken or stuck keys from locks. These tools have different sizes and shapes to accommodate various keyway configurations. By carefully maneuvering the key extractor, locksmiths can extract the broken key without causing further damage to the lock.

Lock Picks

Lock picks are perhaps the most iconic tools associated with locksmiths. These slender, specialized instruments allow locksmith melbourne to manipulate the internal components of a lock, such as pins and tumblers, to unlock it. Different lock picks, such as hook picks, rake picks, and diamond picks, serve specific purposes and are used based on the type of lock and the locksmith’s expertise.

Tension Wrenches

Tension wrenches, also known as torsion wrenches, are indispensable tools used in conjunction with lock picks. These tools apply rotational force or tension to the lock’s plug, mimicking the action of a key. By applying the right amount of tension while manipulating the lock with a pick, locksmiths can successfully unlock it.

Plug Spinners

Plug spinners are specialized tools designed to rotate the lock’s plug in the opposite direction of its normal operation. They are primarily used to unlock tubular locks or locks that require a different rotation direction. Plug spinners save time by quickly rotating the plug, allowing locksmiths to unlock the door efficiently.

Key Cutting Machines

Key cutting machines are essential for locksmiths as they enable them to create duplicate keys or cut new keys from code. These machines use precise cutting techniques to replicate the teeth pattern of an existing key or generate a new key based on the lock’s specifications. Key cutting machines come in various types, from manual to automatic, providing locksmiths with flexibility and accuracy in their key-making process.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are used by locksmiths when other methods of unlocking have failed or when lock repair or replacement is necessary. Locksmiths employ drill bits to create a hole in the lock cylinder or to remove specific components, allowing them to gain access to the mechanism. Drill bits require skill and precision to prevent damage to the lock beyond repair.

Bypass Tools

Bypass tools are a category of locksmith tools used to circumvent certain lock mechanisms without manipulating the pins directly. Examples include decoder keys, jigglers, and bypass shims. These tools can be especially useful when dealing with locks that are difficult to pick or when time is of the essence.

Key Decoders

Key decoders are specialized tools used to decode the internal structure of a lock. Locksmiths use key decoders to analyze the keyway configuration and determine the correct combination of pins and tumblers. This information helps them create a precise key or identify the necessary steps to unlock the lock.


Locksmith tools of the trade are essential for professionals to perform their job effectively and efficiently. From lock picks and tension wrenches to key cutting machines and bypass tools, each instrument serves a specific purpose in the locksmithing process. By utilizing these tools with precision and expertise, locksmiths ensure the security and convenience of their clients in a variety of lock-related situations.

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