What is an offside bet? Experience when betting at  New88

Offside bets are blooming in the soccer betting world as a form of entertainment of top interest. With this ratio, you will not need to care about the number of goals or corners. It sounds simple, but to conquer the offside bet, players also need to equip themselves with many different tips shared from New 88 sports.

A few words about the offside rule

Before participating in offside betting, you need to clearly understand this term in soccer. Specifically, the offside rule is determined based on conditions such as the attacking player’s position, the defensive player’s position, the attacking player’s ability to participate in the ball situation, and the attacker’s ability to actively play the ball. defensive player and the moment the ball leaves the attacking player’s foot.

Accordingly, if the attacking player stands above at least 2 opposing players (including the goalkeeper) from the moment the ball leaves his teammate’s foot towards his position, he is not offside. On the contrary, if starting from the moment a teammate passes the ball, the attacking player is only standing above at most 1 opposing player, then it is determined to be offside.

What is an offside bet?

After understanding the concept of the offside rule, players need to clearly understand how to bet on this type of bet. Accordingly, offside betting at  New88 is determined by the Offside situations of the two teams in the match. The results of this type of bet are not affected by other factors such as goals, corners or penalty cards…

Current types of offside bets

Similar to penalty cards or corner kicks, offside betting odds also include two main forms:

Offside handicap bet

This form of betting is certainly no longer strange to longtime soccer players. With the handicap, the house will give a number to create balance in the number of offsides of the two teams. Players need to analyze and predict which team will be penalized for offside more or less during the match to win.

Betting on over/under offside

This is considered the most popular and popular form of offside betting at  New88. With this type, you don’t need to care which team will be offside more times. Instead, the house will give a level representing the total number of offsides in the match and you only need to predict whether there will be more or fewer offsides to win the bet.

How to calculate bets with offside bets

The way to determine profit and loss of this type of bet at  New88 is similar to other types of betting.

In case you win enough money, the amount you receive will be equal to the product of your capital and the odds. For example, if you bet on the overside offside odds of 3.5 with an amount of $100 and odds of 0.95 and the match has 4 or more offsides, you win the bet and make a profit of $95.

When you play the offside bet and win half the money, you will win 50% of the profit of the full win bet. For example, you choose the favorite team with an offside handicap of 0.75 times the amount of $100 with odds of 0.90. If the final offside result is 3 – 2 for the favorite team, you win half the bet and profit $45.

When you lose enough, you will lose the entire bet and if you lose half, you will lose 50% of your capital.
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Experience in playing offside bets is sure to win

In addition to mastering the concept and how to calculate bets, offside rate players also need to equip themselves with the following tips to optimize their chances of winning:

Find out the strength of the two teams

In balanced matches or with insignificant differences, the two teams will often play tit-for-tat. Therefore, the number of offsides may be higher than usual.

On the contrary, in matches where the two teams have a big difference in class or form, the number of offsides may not be too much. The reason comes from the fact that the lower-rated team will proactively sit deep to defend and will not set the offside trap to limit risks.

Analysis based on house odds

Playing the offside bet at  New88 based on the parameters of the bookmaker’s odds table is also very effective. You can look at the handicap to know which team is rated higher, thereby having a basis for playing the offside handicap. Usually, stronger teams will proactively attack and can lead to more offside shots than their opponents. However, there are also some teams that love counter-attacking defense and quick transitions. The consequences of this tactic will also lead to unnecessary offside situations.

In addition, the over/under goal ratio will also have a significant impact on the offside result. In matches with high over/under levels, the offside score will likely also appear proportionally and vice versa.


The offside bet has been introduced in detail through the above article by New88. Hopefully with the useful knowledge just shared, you will know how to conquer this attractive type of bet and win valuable rewards.

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