What is Cua Dao American Cockfighting? Experience Playing Always Winning

If you are a cockfighting lover, surely you are no longer unfamiliar with the formAmerican cockfighting spurs. However, for those new to this type of entertainment, this is still a fairly new concept. So let’s go together New88today Learn more about this form of cockfighting in the following article.

What is American cockfighting?

As mentioned above, this is a new form of cockfighting that has appeared in Vietnam. The fighting cocks participating in the match will be equipped with a sharp spur. This spur is designed in two forms: a small knife-shaped spur and an iron spur that resembles a curved nail with a sharp tip.

These spurs are capable of causing very high damage, penetrating into the opponent’s body parts. This will cause the opponent to be quickly defeated. Just a few small collisions can lead to catastrophic failure of the fighting cock.

Because of this characteristic, when playing American cockfighting, you must accumulate a lot of experience. Along with that is the ability to predict the situation based on the time of the match. It’s not difficult to say it’s difficult, because the procedures of this form of cockfighting are much simpler and more professional than traditional cockfighting.

In particular, cockfighting takes very little time, you can participate in betting on many matches to satisfy your passion. This is said to be the great advantage of this form of cockfighting.

Rules of American cockfighting

Before going to the fighting arena, the referee will weigh the cock, check the ring code and carefully check the spurs to see if the fighting cock is valid according to the fighting rules or not. When declared valid, the referee will ask the cockers to peck the cock a few times so that they are ready to release according to the judge’s command.

When the chickens are released into the fight, the referee will order a catch when one or two chickens get stuck in their spurs. The referee has full authority to order the cock to be caught at any time. When this command is given, the fighting cock will be taken away immediately.

While the fight is going on, no one is allowed to touch the cock until there is an order from the referee, which the handlers must follow immediately.

The command to capture gifts is given when a bayonet is caught in the opponent’s or its own spurs or there is any error.

If the referee suspects that the cock is stuck in any way, he or she will order the cock to be captured at any time.

Nai will have to remove the spurs from his cock himself. The referee lies under the pillow of the other cock and does not lift it off the ground.

You are not allowed to touch your opponent’s cock at any time or any other situation.

Experiences in playing American cockfighting

After understanding what American cockfighting is as well as the rules of this form of game, you need to grasp the experience of playing cockfighting. This will help you have the highest chance of winning when participating in betting.
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Choose a betting strategy

The first thing you need to know is the skill of choosing a cock to bet on. This is the most important factor that determines whether you win or lose when playing cockfighting.

You should rely on the characteristics of the fighting chicken such as comb, wings, feathers, legs, gait,… to choose the strongest fighting chicken. Usually, fighting cocks with red combs, wings that are not too short or too long, and strong gait are strong fighting cocks. You should learn the experience of watching cocks from experienced experts to choose the best fighting cocks for yourself.

Study the performance table of fighting cocks

Studying the leaderboard is also one of the important experiences when fighting American cockfighting. Please follow the performance of the roosters through the performance table of previous matches. If a fighting cock has many consecutive wins, it proves its ability is very strong. At this time, trust and bet on this cock.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Choosing a bookmaker to bet on also greatly affects your results. So, please research and choose a reputable bookmaker to participate effectively in American cockfighting.

The characteristics of a reputable bookmaker you need to know are: large scale, transparent information, diverse and safe payment services, clear quality of cockfighting broadcasts, many bets, odds High rewards, many promotions,… And New88 is one of the reputable bookmakers you can choose to join.gamechicken.

Above is the most basic information about American cockfighting that you should know. Hope you have a fun, relaxing time and earn lots of bonuses at New88.

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